Best Carpet Color to Hide Dirt

Choosing a carpet for your home is not a matter that you should take lightly. Remember that you’ll be living with this carpet for a couple of years and therefore, you have to make the right decision. Something to consider is carpet color. There are so many colors to choose from and depending on what you want to achieve; you can choose the carpet color that suits your needs. Different colors serve different purposes. Some colors make a room bigger, others brighten up a room and others are best known for concealing dirt and stains. If you’re looking for the best carpet color to hide dirt, read the following advice to help you make the best choice for your home.

Choosing the Best Carpet Color to Hide Dirt

Stay Away From White

For people looking to hide dirt, choosing white color can prove to be a very unwise decision. It may be tempting to buy a white carpet because it makes a room look brighter and bigger but, this color shows even the slightest of dirt and stains. When you buy white carpet, carry it home and install it, it’ll make a room look clean, bright and bigger. The problem is that after some time of being used, it shows everything. Because of this fact, it should be left for rooms that are used rarely, or in homes that don’t have pets or kids.

Multicolored or Flecked Carpets are an Excellent ChoiceBest Carpet Color to Hide Dirt

Rather than going for a bright color like white, it would be better to go for a multicolored or flecked carpet. And when we are talking of dirt, it’s important that you shouldn’t confuse dirt with stains. Dirt refers to dust, small particles of food while stains are spots left by something pouring, like red wine. For dirt, a multicolored carpet with flecks is an ideal choice. It works wonders to hide any dirt present. And, multi-colored carpets are not only practical in hiding dirt, but they’re also aesthetically pleasing as well. Just ensure that you choose a multicolored carpet with colors that will improve the look of your room.

Neutral Colors are Also Ideal

You can also choose to go for neutral colors such as brown or tan. Neutral colors are perfect because they strike the perfect balance between dirt hiding capabilities and brightness. Most people tend to think that solid dark colors are the ones that are ideal for hiding dirt but this is not necessarily true. They may hide dirt in a week or two, then start showing it. Apart from concealing dirt perfectly, neutral colors are also well known for blending in with other colors in your room. If you live in a dusty area and have children or pets, it would be best to go with a neutral color for a carpet.

To Summarize

Although the best thing to do with dirt is clean it, you may be a busy person and can’t the time to have your carpet cleaned. Apart from choosing durable carpets, you may also want to choose the best carpet color to hide dirt. Whites and pastel colors are best left for low-traffic areas such as bedrooms. Go for patterned, multicolored, flecked or neutral colors for the carpet in entertaining rooms. Whether you are reviving your current carpet, or want to protect new carpet, Organic Clean Carpet Cleaning will help your carpet stay looking new thanks to their professional cleaning methods.

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