How to Dry Clean Carpet

Maintaining cleanliness is an important thing in your life. For those using their home freely, it’s a difficult task because they tend to relax and enjoy. As far as house cleanliness is a concern, having good knowledge of how to maintain and clean carpet is very important. There are many methods of cleaning carpet, and one of them is dry carpet cleaning. Dry Clean Carpet is considered as one of the best ways to make rugs and wool carpets spotless. It is an easy and cheap method of keeping your carpet clean. Thus, knowing this method is an added advantage to you.

How to Dry Clean Carpet Using Cleaning Organic Compounds 

Organic compounds used in dry cleaning are mostly dry powder-like substance. When spreading the compound, make sure that you spread it all over the carpet. Then brush it or scrub to ensure that all the dirt and stain is removed. Scrub it regularly to maintain the new look of your carpet. This makes any dirt pile to disappear. There are many rotating brushing systems for subscribing available in the market. Brushing tools are commonly used in commercial places. Scrubbing with the tools is more convenient than scrubbing with hand.

How to Dry Cleaning Your Carpet Using Organic Shampoo? 
how to dry clean carpet
What do you need?

1- Organic Shampoo for Carpet Cleaning Granules

2- Pre-Spray for Carpet Cleaning

3- Half full-Gallon Spraying Hand Pump

4- Floor Broom or any other Carpet Groomer (Soft and Medium)

5- Regular Vacuum Cleaner

Before starting the cleaning procedures, it recommends that you vacuum your carpet first

Dry Clean Carpet Procedures


Spread a coat of Granules Shampoo over 10 X 10 inches of your carpeted area. Make sure you spread light on the cleaning carpet for maxim result.


After you have spread, you need to spray your Carpet. Use cleaning carpet Pre-Spray and ensure you cover all the powdered area. Put the Pump Sprayer at a mix rate as indicated on the bottle label.


The third step involves sweeping the powder into the fibers of the carpet and let it stand for around half an hour. In case you notice a high volume of dust coming from powder, spray more solution of shampoo, and you will be okay. Keep on repeating the first and the third step to ensure that the entire surface is covered with the solution and the powder.  Leave the powder to stand on the carpet for around 30 minutes.


Vacuum the entire carpeted areas and make sure all the powder is removed. Ensure the vacuuming is done gently and slowly and try to overpass. For better result vacuum the area at least twice. Note the more often you keep repeating the process; the more your carpet will last and stay fresh. When you follow all these steps, you will get the best result you need. If you’re busy or in a situation that you cannot clean by yourself, it is always good to hire carpet cleaning companies. They have the best materials and personnel to produce quality services. They had specialist train and qualified for the job.

This step-by-step guide should help you learn how to dry clean carpet. It is fairly straightforward and will help your carpets look and smell new. A bonus to dry cleaning carpets is you don’t have to wait for your carpet to dry before walking on it.

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